Our socks

We care what you feel when wearing Feeelings socks. After all, what you wear affects your thoughts and decisions. Feeelings socks are designed for pleasant thoughts and right decisions only.

Once you touch them – you`ll let our socks out of your hands just to put them on your feet. The feel matters.

Socks made of the best world`s materials: Egyptian cotton, cashmere, silk. We use zero seam technology and 200 needles weaving on high-tech Italian equipment.

The longer and thinner the fiber, the better the yarn, i.e. socks will be more strong  and durable. But it also means that we use more expensive equipment to turn this yarn into hosiery.

Materials and fabric composition of Feeelings socks

Egyptian cotton is a valuable type of cotton that grows on the Nile banks. Its fibers are extremely thin and reach 34-36 mm in length. It`s twice as long as the average length of ordinary cotton fiber.


Italian company Filmar uses it to produce high-quality Filoscozia yarn, which we knit our socks from. Standards compliance is confirmed by a hologram on the Feeelings label.

Aeration is a treatment with fire that removes excessive lint. Yarn becomes smooth, homogeneous, resistant to loosening (peeling). You can wash it again and again, and our product will look the same.

Mercerization is chemical and physical treatment of fibers that makes them strong. Products made of such yarn practically don`t shrink, acquire luster, retain color and provide thermal exchange between the skin and environment.

Filoscozia® cotton is included in all Feeelings socks of Luxury and Only Natural collection. Fabric composition is specified in the product card.

Material which is soft to the touch makes socks much warmer without thickening the product. One doesn’t need bulky “grandma” socks to keep feet warm in cold season. We add cashmere (cut and combed by hand) to our cotton socks.

Luxury collection includes half hose socks and regular socks with added cashmere. Fabric composition is specified in the product card.

Extremely light, gentle and slightly transparent fabric. Wearing silk socks in hot weather you`ll feel cooler than barefoot. The slightest wisp of wind will touch your feet with pleasant coolness. Usually, silk socks better fit for special occasions when you want to look and feel perfect.

Luxury collection includes half hose socks and regular socks made of silk. Fabric composition is specified in the product card.

Extremely soft cotton, made by combing. This process allows to remove down and the shortest fibers, while long and thin ones remain. A thread becomes thinner, smoother and stronger and the product is more pleasant to the touch.

One of the best materials for making printed socks, presented in Creative collection.

How do we knit?

We`ve chosen Italian Busi Giovanni 200 needles machines, which belong to the world`s most high-tech equipment of such kind.

The more needles – the more loops and the tighter the knitting. The finished product will fully fit the leg and will not shrink.

Modern technologies make the stitching place totally smooth and even.